Vignesh Mani


Hi, I'm Vignesh. I'm a software engineer based in Chennai, India.

I currently work as a backend developer working with technologies such as Go, Docker, Kubernetes, primarily on the GCP-stack. Other technologies I've worked with in the past include Java, Python, and a bit of HTML/CSS and React. I am a Linux enthusiast and enjoy working with open source software, learning new technologies and languages.

I have varied interests when it comes to software, and in my free time you can often find me reading/learning about things such as retro game programming, graphics programming, console emulators, etc. My current interests include exploring the different tech stacks available and becoming proficient at full stack web development, while finding my stack of choice.

My other unrelated interests include learning to read and speak 日本語, which I must say is currently on pause.

You can find me on GitHub, GitLab, Mastodon and LinkedIn.
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You can also download my Resume.