Hi there! I’m Vignesh.

I’m currently a backend developer working with technologies such as Go, Docker, Kubernetes, primarily on the GCP-stack. Other technologies I’ve worked with in the past include Java, Python, and a bit of HTML/CSS and React. I enjoy working with open source software (a Fedora Linux user at home as well), learning new technologies and languages.

I have varied interests when it comes to software, and in my free time you can often find me reading/learning about things such as retro game programming books, IoT, retro console emulators, etc. My current interests include learning and becoming proficient at a systems programming language such as C++/Rust. (and consequently have a career in building various applications with it)

My other unrelated interests include learning to read and speak 日本語, which I must say is currently on pause.

You can find me on GitHub, GitLab, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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You can also download my Résumé.